Progress Update

I appreciate that the number of reports, etc that we’ve put out of late doesn’t really indicate that we’ve been doing very much training towards the West Highland Way in April. Rest assured that we’ve been doing everything we can to get out and about and walking!

Grahame is now walking to work on a daily basis – A walk of 4 1/4 miles each day. He’s also getting out at the weekend for decent length walks in the local area, such as walking parts of the Fife Coastal Path and walking in the Lomond Hills.

Janie has been suffering from illness lately, so has not had very many opportunities to get out and about, but rest assured, she is getting out when she can!

As the first signs of spring are in the air, we’re hopeful that the weather will improve a little and give us more opportunities to get out in the wilds of Scotland, climb some hills and get some serious walking in over the 10 remaining weeks before we walk the West Highland Way

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