Another update

Anyone who has read this blog from the start will know that my friend Janie was originally supposed to be joining me for the first attempt at the West Highland Way, but had to pull out due to health reasons.

Well… she’s decided to give it another go with me, when I attempt it again in August!

As a result, we’re more or less training from the beginning again. We’re currently trying to get Janie in a position where she feels comfortable walking a full day, unencumbered by weight, over variable terrain. Once she’s happy with that, we’ll get her to try two consecutive days walking, then from there we start adding the weight.

The plan is that we’re going to be out walking every weekend. Some weekends we’ll be camping, but most will be involving travelling to and from our base in Fife.

Janie has already managed her first decent walk (the Bealach Walk from Pitlochry to Killiecrankie), with little problems, though I’m now planning on trying to extend her day longer, and start getting her up into the hills a bit more.

We’ve also had our first overnight camping trip, to get her used to sleeping outdoors. That one didn’t go as well as I would have liked. The Wild Camping spot we chose turned out to be a bit of a disaster. It was infested with ticks in the hundreds (no exaggeration!) , so it was a bit of an uneasy night’s sleep for both of us. Just goes to show, things are not always as they seem… the picture below shows what looks like a nice, quiet camping spot, but in reality, it was awful!

I’ll hopefully be posting significantly more updates of walks, both local and a bit further afield, now that I’ve got company again. Janie might even guest post and write up a few of our walks, too!

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