Gear Review: Snugpak Travelpak Xtreme Sleeping Bag

I recently upgraded my sleeping bag from a Gelert Tyrfan 300DL to a Snugpak Travelpak Extreme, and the difference is significant!

Although the Snugpak shows a comfort rating down to 2°, as opposed to the -0.9° of the Gelert, it feels significantly warmer when you’re actually in it. It also feels more breathable. Although you’re warmer, and more comfortable inside the Snugpak, you don’t feel ‘sweaty’, which is a problem that the Gelert definitely did suffer from!

In terms of actual size, both sleeping bags are large enough for me to fit in (I’m 6’ 4”, and definitely not of slight build), though the Snugpak does give a little more freedom of movement for my arms and shoulders.

When fitted into their respective stuff sacs, the Snugpak is significantly smaller (and lighter. On my scales, it comes in at just under 1200g – as opposed to 1750g of the Gelert), which was the main reason for the purchase.

When compressed, the difference is equally significant. However, I challenge anyone to compress the Snugpak down to the advertised 17cm x 17cm. I can’t get anywhere near that! I don’t mind so much, as it still compresses small enough to fit into the lower section of my 40 litre rucksack.

There are a couple of additional features that the Snugpak has, which are quite nice. The Diamond Ripstop fabric on the outer apparently has a water repellent finish, although I’ve had no inclination to test the effectiveness of this! It does, however, make the sleeping bag quite slippy when you’re in it! Be prepared to slide around your tent a bit!

The other little features that are quite nice are the built in mosquito net. This simply zips into the hood, and can be rolled away when not in use. It should be pretty good at keeping the Scottish Midgies at bay! (unless you happen to suffer claustrophobia, in which case, the mesh over your face could be a bit much to bear!)

The Snugpak has hanging loops at the foot end, giving you the option of hanging it up in a wardrobe/on a tree, when not in use and also has a small pocket on the inside, where you can keep valuables with you in the bag. Both quite small, but useful additions.

All in all, the Snugpak is a significant improvement on the Gelert, and at only £35, it’s still a good, budget sleeping bag. Ok, so you’d need to have super powers to be able to compress it to the tiny sizes advertised, but why would you need to?!

This is definitely going to be my sleeping bag of choice for quite some time. After all, if something goes wrong with it, it’s cheap enough to replace easily!

3 thoughts on “Gear Review: Snugpak Travelpak Xtreme Sleeping Bag”

    1. I haven’t yet, to be honest… as its rated down to 2 for comfort and -3 as extreme, I suspect it wouldn’t be the most comfortable night, unless you’re already wearing insulating layers.

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