Ice in the Ochil Hills

I had a day off work yesterday, so decided to get out and about and enjoy what little snow there is in the central belt. It would also give me a wee chance to test my Bargain Down Jacket!

I decided to take the walk up Dollar Glen and then on to King’s Seat Hill so that I could get my first snow of the year. It looked quite nice and powdery up there, as it normally is in the Ochil Hills!

It turns out that looks can be a bit deceptive, as the whole hill was more or less sheet ice as a result of a freeze/thaw the day before.

Luckily, I carry my Kahtoola Microspikes with me for these sorts of things (where it’s not so steep or technical to require crampons), otherwise there’s no way I’d have made it to the top of the hill.

Even the places where it was over a foot deep had a solid crust of ice. I’m over 17 stone in weight, and it held me with no problems, as shown in the picture below (the other footprint, I can only assume, would have been left 2 days before)

Still, it was a good wee walk and a good chance for me to dust off a few cobwebs, as I haven’t done any walking at all for about 3 weeks (and that includes walking to work – shame on me!). Some nice views and nice scenery always helps, too!

looking back the way I came
Looking over to Ben Cleuch

The hills are even more white today, with a proper powdery snow covering, which is much more common in the Ochil Hills.

2 thoughts on “Ice in the Ochil Hills”

    1. Yeah, finally!
      We’ve got a light covering of snow in Fife today, so hopefully the hills will be a bit more wintry when next up them!

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