The Hermitage and Braan Walk – Short, but definitely sweet!

Last Sunday, Janie and I decided to go for a bit of a walk. I had originally planned a full day’s walk of 10 miles or so, but Janie wasn’t really up for it, so we decided to do the Braan Walk and Hermitage instead.

We’ve done this walk more times than I can remember, but it’s one we keep coming back to if we’re just looking for a simple walk of an hour or two. It’s also quite a good one for initial trials of new footwear, I find, too, as you tend to cover a reasonably wide variety of terrain. Just as well, really, as I was taking my new Scarpa Vortex XCR shoes out for the first time.

The walk starts at the Hermitage car park, which is conveniently just off the A9, after Dunkeld, and is well signposted. The Hermitage is owned by the National Trust for Scotland, and the car park has a charge of £2 for non-members. Parking is free for members.

It’s only about a 10 minute walk to Ossian’s Hall through some ancient woodland (one of the tallest trees in the UK is right next to the waterfall. A massive Douglas Fir), and the waterfall, where, as always, the views were pretty spectacular.

Ossian’s Hall

The walk then continues through the woodland for another little while, before crossing a little burn (below) and then through a small field.

After the field, there’s a small walk along a minor road until you come to Rumbling Bridge. Now, this bridge really does earn it’s name. You can hear it long before you can see it!

And the cause of the noise? Yet another waterfall. The photo below was taken from the bridge itself!

Once across the bridge, the walk carries on uphill a little, until you get to a bench, with a view over to the bridge. It kinda gives a bit of scale as to how deep that waterfall is – considering it’s level with the bridge on one side, and approx 200 feet down on the other!

The path then carries on through some woodland, before crossing the A822, after which it’s a gentle uphill walk for a bit before a sharp left turn. After a small walk uphill at this point, the views open out, so we could see a snow-topped Ben Vrackie in the distance.

There’s also a lone tree here, which impresses me every single time I see it, and I can never quite figure out why… I’ve got photos of it in pretty much all seasons now, though only the photo from last weekend is shown below.

From here, the walk goes through some birch woodland before entering plantation woodland (below). It then arrives at the small village of Inver, where it’s just a short walk back to the car park.

And that’s basically it. The walk itself is only a little over 4 miles, and takes under 2 hours to walk, but it’s a real beauty of a walk. I’ve seen some lovely wildlife on the walk in my time, including Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary butterflies, common lizards, Red Squirrel, buzzards and so many more, as well as getting some lovely views, without having to overly exert myself in the process, or go too far out of my way.

I’d highly recommend this walk to anyone who is looking for something pretty easy of a morning or afternoon.

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