All Quiet

I realise that we haven’t posted to the blog for a few weeks. I’ve been crazy busy of late, so not really had time!

On the news front, I have finally upgraded my phone – I’m now running a Samsung Galaxy S3, which seems to be perfect for me! Lots of memory, an impressive screen and what looks like a reasonable battery life. (I’ve been using it a bit more than normal the past couple of days, so it’s hard to judge the battery use accurately).
I’m just waiting on a decent tough case to come out for it, then it’ll be sorted for the outdoors!

We’ve not done a whole lot of walking lately, and we’re pretty busy over the next few weekends, too. Still, we do have plans for later in the month… we’re going to do the walk from Corrour Station to Dalwhinnie over two days, hopefully spending the night in Culra bothy. I think we’re both really looking forward to it!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a photo of Janie on the walk up Ben Lomond from last weekend, to remind you of the outdoors. I have to admit, I’m quite chuffed with how this one turned out!


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