Terra Nova Extremities Lucky Bag – what a bargain!

Most people who are likely to read this blog will know that the company Terra Nova do a range of outdoor accessories branded as Extremities. The range consists of hats, balaclavas, gloves, socks and gaiters. They tend to be of a reasonably high quality, using decent, branded materials (mainly from Polartec and Gore)

They’ve currently got a clearance deal on, where you can get a ‘Lucky Bag‘ for the price of £19.99. The bag consists of at least 3 items from the extremities range… So really could be any of the above class of items. However, its not all left entirely to chance. At the point of ordering, you can choose male or female orientated items, and sizes to suit… After that, though, it really is pot luck what you get!

With a claim of an RRP of the items coming to £50-£120, it seemed like a reasonable deal to me. After all, you can never really have too many hats or gloves!
So, I went ahead and ordered one at the end of last week. It arrived on Tuesday, with the following items:

Multisport Pro Gloves (current RRP of £100)
Gore-tex lined gloves, so waterproof, windproof and breathable. The size L ones that arrived for me were a perfect fit, so I’ll definitely be keeping these – particularly as I don’t currently have truly waterproof gloves, only water resistant ones (though more breathable) until now!

Multisport Pro Gloves

Active X Balaclava (current RRP of £30)
Lightweight Gore Windstopper soft shell balaclava, with wired peak and fleece mouthpiece for easier breathing. Again, I’ll be keeping this. I’ve never owned a balaclava before, and I suspect that realistically, it’ll only be of use in the middle of winter, in the hills… But it will be of use, and that’s the important factor!

Active X Balaclava

Cosmonaut Beanie (RRP unknown)
This seems to be the only item I’ve received which is not currently offered on the website, and I can’t find any information on from the internet (either on the Terra Nova website or elsewhere)
According to the tags on it, it’s made from Polartec 200 fleece, which is a pretty standard mid weight fleece. It also has a panel at the back, which seems to be made from a waterproof or water resistant fabric, which is, as yet, unidentified (see photo below). Other than that, it’s a pretty standard beanie hat, so I’d guess it’d likely have a value in the range of £10-£15.
I’ll probably not keep that one, though, as I’ve already got 2-3 beanie hats. It’ll likely be seen on a well known auction website, or maybe even as a freebie giveaway on the blog in the near future… Who knows!

Cosmonaut Beanie

So, there you have it… For my £19.99, I received items totalling a value of over £130! Not too shabby for a pot luck draw! Even at cheap prices, I don’t reckon I could get the gloves and balaclava combined for less than £77 (gloves for £64 online, balaclava for £13) – that’s still a massive saving, and assuming the beanie was to be sold online, I’d even recoup some of the original outlay!
The lucky bag really is a bargain, and I’d strongly recommend it to anyone who has £20 going free. After all, you could get one in a generic size (male large, female medium, for example), then distribute any items you don’t want as Christmas presents to friends and family.

I’m tempted to order another one, to see what other goodies can be had!

5 thoughts on “Terra Nova Extremities Lucky Bag – what a bargain!”

  1. Quick update:

    Just added links, and in the process, went to the website. They’ve sold out of anything in size ‘Large’, so Medium and Small lucky bags only now!

    1. I’ll definitely be keen to see what others get! I’m confident I’m not the only one who is gonna come out on top from that deal!

  2. The Lucky Bags arrived today, there’s plenty of useful stuff in them. SWMBO’s impressed by her rather smart Merino Took Hat and I have a pair of Lightweight Mountain Mitts to grow into 🙂
    Expect a blog post soon with all the juicy details.
    FWIW, I ordered a bag of size L male stuff after the website said they were sold out, but I did receive size L items.
    Thanks again!

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