Haglöfs Tuff Pants – an update.

When I first looked at these trousers on the blog, I hadn’t really had much chance to use them, as it was just a bit mild out. However, over the past couple of months, I’ve had plenty of chance to put them through their paces.

I’ve been hiking in Glenshee, Glen Nevis, Glen Banvie, Glen Lui and Glen Tilt in them, as well as visiting Ben Vrackie, Auchnafree Hill and Coire Ardiar, in Creag Meagaidh, and this has given me a good indication of what they’re capable of.

The overall result is that I love them! They’ve been my go to trousers for the past 3 months, and will probably remain my go to pant for the next month or so, too.

My initial thoughts about them potentially being too warm in anything but winter conditions are probably quite accurate. I suspect once daytime temperatures stay in double figures in the glens, they’ll be retired until next winter.
In saying that, I’ve been out in them at temperatures of -5º, with some pretty serious windchill, and I’ve been kept really comfy in them, with nothing but boxer shorts on underneath. That’s a testament to how great the Flexable Pro fabric is at blocking the wind, and providing that little bit of insulation.

On the few occasions when I have felt a little warm in them, unzipping the pockets has helped provide that little bit of ventilation, which has been more than enough to cool me down again.

There are stretch panels at the back of the knees, the crotch and at the rear, near the top. With these, and the brilliant cut of the trousers, I get complete freedom of movement. They’re not the lightest trousers in the world, but when worn, you barely notice they’re there.

The only real drawbacks I can mention are relating to the belt, and those who have Haglöfs trousers will probably be familiar with the first of these.

When you put the trousers in the wash, the belt has a habit of slipping through the pre-formed loops, and can be a real pain to get out again. I’ve found that if you keep the belt clasped shut, it does reduce this happening, but it sadly doesn’t eliminate it completely.

The other issue I have is also related to the belt. It loosens itself over time. I’m pleased to say that all of the walking above has caused me to lose a tiny wee bit of weight since 2013 began, so I’m finding that I actually use the belt, but as the average day in the outdoors progresses, it loosens off a little. It only takes a few seconds to hitch the trousers up and tighten it again, but it is still a minor irritant.

After a few months or regular use, the trousers still look like new, and I’m hoping they’ll last for several years to come. I think if I was to get another pair of haglöfs trousers, I might go down to a regular leg length, as the long leg is a tiny bit long, even for me!

The Tuff Pants in action, this morning on Ben Chonzie

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