Pain Update

I spoke to the doctor a couple of weeks ago about the intermittent leg pain.

The net result – he didn’t know what it was.

After a quick examination, he concluded that it was unlikely to be a problem with my hip joint, as I had a full range of motion and nothing was coming out or grinding.

He initially thought it could be muscular, but when I advised that a 5 minute sit down seems to temporarily resolve the problem, he changed his mind.

It could, however be a nerve based issue, but again, he’s not sure.

I’ve been referred to a physiotherapist for help. The doctor did advise that if the physio was unable to pinpoint or resolve the issue, he’d be at a bit of a loss as to what to suggest. His suggestion at that stage would be a specialist sports physio, which isn’t available on the NHS, apparently.

The downsides of an intermittent issue, I guess. I suspect it’d be much easier to pinpoint when it’s actually happening. I can’t see me persuading my doctor to come on the hill with me, in the hope that I can get it to happen again!

On the plus side, as I work for Sky, we have private healthcare available to us, and access to our own on-site physiotherapist. I’ve booked myself in for a session with him when I get back from the West Highland Way. I’ve also got an annual health check through Sky the week after the walk, too.

Since the problem happened on Auchnafree Hill, I’ve not done as much walking as I would have liked. The next weekend, I did a walk up Glen Tilt, just as far as Marble Lodge (from the Old Bridge of Tilt car park) and back. Yes, it was a 10 mile walk, but it wasn’t particularly demanding. Not surprisingly, I didn’t really have much problems then. I had the odd twinge, but nothing to get too worried about.

After that, I guess there was a couple of short walks up Aviemore way, in Abernethy Forest and up at Rothiemurchus, but again, no problems (the longest of these was 5 miles).

Now I’m preparing for the West Highland Way, starting this Saturday, and I’ve had little to no hill time in the past few weeks. I’m feeling more than a little unfit right now. I had hoped to get a couple of proper hikes in over the past weekend, but a bad case of athlete’s foot, of all things, put paid to that idea.

I’ve done the way before, so I’m confident I can do it, although last time I was using a courier company – this time I’m carrying all my gear (as I did the first time, which was the very first time I had the leg pain – which is always at the back of my mind!).

I’ll likely provide another update with what gear I’ll be carrying. As I’m pretty darn poor right now, I’m going to be carrying much more food than I’d intended (I was planning on using restaurants and other convenient options along the way)


2 thoughts on “Pain Update”

  1. Hi Grahame – I’m also setting out on the West Highland Way – Sat 11th may 13.

    Really hoping for some settled weather as this will be my first long distance walk.

    Maybe see you along the Way!


    1. That’s the same day as me, Wilma, so there’s a reasonably good chance of it!

      The forecast is currently showing as showers for most of the week, but getting cooler again, which kinda suits me!

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