Big change of plans and a gear clear-out

Well, it’s been quite a while since I last posted an update. I’ve been quite busy lately, but I’ve also been trying to sort my head out, in terms of where I am, and where I want to be for hiking and backpacking.

I’ve pretty much decided that I am going to limit myself to day hikes and overnighters for quite a while. If I wish to do a long, way marked trail, I’ll likely use more in the way of resupply points or I’ll use a courier service to carry the bulk of my gear. I simply don’t think my back and hips are capable of carrying bigger loads over extended periods of time.

All is not lost, though! Janie and I have been experimenting with campsite camping recently, and have gotten a Vango Icarus 500 tent for this purpose. It’s great to have a base like that, where there’s space to relax, dry out clothing, etc. It gives the ability to go away and do several day hikes from one base. It certainly makes life easier, and means I’ve still got plenty of options open to me.

I’ve done a few tests, and I can get all my gear for a comfortable overnighter in my Osprey Kestrel 28 rucksack, so will be using this for a wee while. Being able to do overnighters means I can still enjoy backpacking in Scotland.

I am, however, going to be getting rid of some gear. I was going to place them straight onto eBay, but decided I’d offer them up to blog readers for a week or two first!

Look below to see if anything is of interest to you

Items for sale

Alpkit Skyehigh 800 Sleeping bag, long length

I’ve only used this sleeping bag a couple of times, and I’ve decided that I’m going to limit my overnighters and camping to the warmer months. As such, I’ve no need for a winter sleeping bag.
Comfort rated to -10°, weighs 1.5kg for mine, in a long length.
Included cotton stuff sack and Sea to Summit Ultrasil Compression Sack, size M


RRP over £150 for the bag and compression sack
I’m looking for £100 + postage

Berghaus Freeflow Pro 40 Rucksack

This rucksack is very good condition. Unlike most from the Freeflow range, the Pro models provide better storage and less restriction when it comes to packing it. This was my main pack when I walked the West Highland Way, 2 years ago.
It’s now surplus to requirements. The only time I would need a pack of this size would be when doing an overnighter in winter – which I don’t plan on doing anymore.

It has the usual little marks, as you would expect of a pack of this age, but is in excellent condition.


Additional photos and my review of the pack from some time ago, here.

RRP of £110, though sadly no longer available.
Looking for £60 + postage

Lowe Alpine Nanon 50:60 Rucksack

This one was a difficult call to make, as I love this pack. Not only did it get a TGO Best Buy, it also got into Chris Townsend’s Top 10 new gear for 2012 – you don’t get much higher praise than that!
Sadly, if I’m not going to be doing any extended hikes, I don’t need a pack this size anymore. I may regret the sale of it in the future, but right now, it’s simply taking up space.

Due to my persistent back and hip problems, I’ve barely used it. There’s a couple of dirt marks on the base, and a small stain on one hip belt pocket, but otherwise “as new” (I think I’ve used it something like 4 times in total!)


RRP of £150
I’m looking for £90 + postage.
Really will be sad to see this one go!

Extremities Active-X Balaclava, size L/XL

If I’m no longer winter hiking, I clearly don’t need this anymore.
I got this as part of the Extremities Lucky Bags at the start of the year, and I’ve never worn it.
Sold as New condition


Yours for £7.50, including postage within the UK.

Extremities Cosmonaut Beanie, size L/XL

Like the balaclava, this one was in an Extremities Lucky Bag, and has never been worn. In fact, it still has all tags attached!
It’s a basic beanie, using Polartec Classic 200 fleece, with, what appears to be a water resistant ripstop nylon at the back (which, I’m guessing is designed to keep the worst of the rain off and reduce it wetting out when rain behind you)


Yours for a mere £5, including postage within the UK.

For those items which I’ve not included postage costs in the asking price, you’d only be charged at cost, depending on your preferred method of delivery. (If you live in Fife or Edinburgh, I’m willing to deliver)
I reckon there’s a couple of bargains to be had for all you blog followers, before they get sent off to eBay for a general scrum!

Keep an eye on this page, as there are a couple of other items I’m Swithering on whether to sell or not (OR Furio jacket and MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes), so the list above may grow.

Anything not sold by 15th August will be put on eBay.

If you want something, please feel free to comment below, or send me an email at llendorin at googlemail dot com or even DM me on twitter!
Payment by PayPal only, unless taking delivery in person, in which case, I’ll take cash.


Due to lack of interest here, I’ve stuck most of the items on eBay now.

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