Back in Business

I’ve not been around much, as my avid reader(s) will have noted. In fact, this is my first post in 3 months!

I’ve been trying to get past all my injuries and get back on my feet. I’ve been trying to improve my fitness and general health, and it seems to be working.

I took my first trip up the hills for some time at the weekend. I climbed up Auchnafree Hill with my brother. As this was the hill that gave me so many problems earlier in the year, I figured it would be a good one to test how well I get on with my return.

I can safely say I managed with no hints of pain to my hip or legs at all!

Now, I know better than to assume that everything is now OK. I’ve been out before and had no pain, only to suffer on the following trip. In this case, I am hopeful that the worst is behind me.

As to how I improved my fitness and health… Well, I basically went in at the deep end and decided to walk to work and walk/run home 3 times a week (making sure I had a rest day in between each run). Initially, I walked the level ground and uphills and ran the downhills, but these days I’m running most of the level ground and all the downhills. I’m still not quite fit enough to do the whole 4 miles without the need to slow to a walk to catch my breath, but I am improving all the time.

I’m hopeful that I’ll get fit enough soon, and will be able to partake of some trail running, to get off road a bit more, and into places where I feel more at home (give me woodland over the concrete jungle any day of the week!)

I’ve also signed up to get a bike through my work’s cycle to work scheme. I’m hoping to have that by the end of November/start of December. I know… Strange time to get a bike, but I reckon I’ve enough gear to keep me warm on the ride to/from work most of the winter (as long as the roads are free from proper snow, it should be safe enough, too), and come spring, I should be of a reasonable fitness to take the bike off road and cross country.
If anyone is interested, its an entry level 29er that I’m getting.

Anyway… I’m hoping that now I’ve been on the hills and been ok, I’ll have more confidence in my fitness and get out there and get more done. The blog should become a bit more frequently used as a result, and who knows, maybe the running and cycling stuff will creep in, too (I’m hoping to go Bikepacking at least once next year!).


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