Looking towards next year

I’m feeling rather sorry for myself just now.

Since about 3am on Saturday morning, I’ve been feeling decidedly unwell. Nothing I eat is staying down… It’s coming out one hole or the other pretty sharpish!
Thanks to whoever decided to give me Norovirus as a late Christmas present. The big drawback is that even though it’s starting to ease off a little, I’m still going to be contagious for the next couple of days… Meaning that Hogmanay is going to be a solitary affair this year! 😦

So, since I’ve had nothing else to do, I’ve been thinking about plans for 2014… After all, it isn’t going to be any worse than this, is it?!

It’s times like this when you’re stuck indoors that you really begin to appreciate how important it is to get out, to live a little. For that reason, I want to try and make 2014 a significantly more active one than the past couple of years have been.

I get a 4 day weekend every 4 weeks, and I keep saying that I’ll be going somewhere and doing something with them, but for more than half, it just hasn’t happened. I think it’s about time I grew a pair and got out. What’s the point in having 3 waterproof jackets and 3 pairs of waterproof trousers if you hardly ever use them?! Particularly as they tend to be the most expensive items of clothing I own!
It’s time to man up a little, make plans and go for it… Sure, if the weather is severe, the plans can be modified (glens instead of hills, hostels and bothies instead of camping), just as long as I get out there!

I also want to increase the variety of activity I do, both for fitness sake and to keep things interesting. After the recent bike purchase, I’m currently loving getting out on the bike… But as a result, the running and hiking has reduced. I need to try and strike a decent balance, so that I can get the right mix. I don’t want any one activity to take over, to the detriment of others… Particularly as those people around me aren’t always interested in or capable of doing them all. I don’t want to isolate myself and go solo all the time.

I’ve already got a couple of things pencilled in with Janie for 2014, but nothing is set in stone as yet… I’ve a long weekend in April, where we’re considering going camping up Aviemore way… I should be able to satisfy all my outdoors needs up there! We might even do Caperwatch at RSPB Loch Garten… Done it twice before, and still I’ve never seen a wild Capercaillie in the flesh!
There’s also a plan in May to have another go at the West Highland Way, but again, nothing set in stone as yet.

There’s lots of things I’d like to do, though… Some close to home, some further afield. The bike is, I’m hoping, going to play a big role, in the sense that it’ll allow me to go further afield, and now that I’ve a rear pannier rack, it’ll allow me to go better provisioned (I’m thinking 10kg bags if coal dragged to bothies!), for multi day adventures.
I was given the book Scottish Hill Tracks for my Christmas, and it’s a safe bet that I’ll be testing out some of the routes, both on foot and on the bike. Locally, there’s a short track from Glenfarg down to Bridge of Earn and back, which will likely be getting attacked on the bike in the next few weeks. There are also hiking trips I want to do, and a fair bit of backpacking, too… I guess I just want to fill up more of my spare time doing the things I enjoy.

I don’t massively enjoy my job. It pays a wage, and that’s about it… So, if I want to have enjoyment in life, I need to make the most of my time off. And that’s the real plan for 2014. To get out more, whilst becoming more flexible and adaptable to conditions.

On that, I think I’ll leave this bit of a ramble… All that’s really left is to wish my loyal reader(s) a happy new year and lots of hill and trail time in 2014!


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