Bug Strike on the Loch Leven Heritage Trail

I was determined that I was getting out on the mountain bike this weekend. I had a couple of new items to test, and I wasn’t going to let lousy weather get in my way!

In the end, I opted for the Loch Leven Heritage Trail. Being reasonably flat, on well maintained paths, it seemed like an obvious choice. Everywhere else would be a boggy quagmire on a day like today.

Besides… It has some nice scenery, a few shelters and hides to escape the rain and some good wildlife interest (I saw otter there just last week!). It’s also recently been completed as a 12.5 mile circuit, which does make it more fun on a bike.

Not today, though! I barely managed 5 miles in total.

It seems the wildlife interest was in the form of flies. They must have been hatching in their thousands. Typically, because the weather was so poor, I didn’t have glasses on, to protect my eyes.

The result? Well… That can be seen below, after a couple of brutal bug assaults on the right eye!


I’ll learn!

Hopefully the swelling will die down in an hour or two… I want to get back out on the bike tomorrow, after all! (With glasses on, this time!)


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