I’m still alive!

Wow, it’s been months since I posted an update!

The scary thing is that there’s not been much to talk about. I think we can safely say the first 3 months of the year were a bit of a non starter. It didn’t stop raining, and when it did, it was blowing a gale!

Things have started to pick up a bit now, though. As I mentioned before the turn of the year, I’ve now got a mountain bike, and I’ve found that cycling is the first exercise that hasn’t (touch wood!) Caused me any injuries or problems. Admittedly, most of my cycling so far has been on tarmac, but now that the weather is improving and the days are a reasonable length, I’m hoping to get off-road a bit more.

I’m still planning to get a few hikes in this year, too. It would be nice to bag a few Munro’s along the way – and if I can find ones that benefit from a cycle in/out, even better!

I’ll try and keep the blog updated now… I’ve actually got a good few bits of gear I’ve been using recently, which could do with a review here… The plan for the multisport gear has worked out quite well.

And finally, just a quick note to wish everyone on the TGO challenge good luck!


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