The Inevitable First Post

Hi there,

This is a joint blog created by Grahame and Janie.

Our blog objective is to chart our progress as we prepare for walking the West Highland Way in April 2011 and hopefully continue on to other established “Ways” throughout Scotland in the future. It’s something we’ve both wanted to do for most, if not all of our adult lives, and we figure it’s time to stop procrastinating and actually take action! So… the holidays have been booked, the date has been set… now we just need to get fit and get organised!!

In terms of what you can find out about on here, we will be making reports on the walks we are doing in an effort to get fit, as well as review some of the gear we (ok, mainly Grahame!) will be buying to use for walking.  We will, of course, be blogging the progress we make on the West Highland Way itself from when we start on 23rd April 2011 (aka, Grahame’s birthday!) and also letting you know about any special issues, such as investigating ways of fundraising for causes that are important to us.

However, we don’t just have an interest in walking. Our interests cover the wildlife of Scotland too and it just so happens that walking is one of the best ways to see the more “wild” life in Scotland!  We’ll be giving you an indication of what we see while we’re out and about in terms of wildlife as well as scenery and adding photographs as often as these come out.

We hope this blog is of interest and use to others who may be considering walking the West Highland Way or any other routes through the wild Scottish countryside!


Backpacking, Hiking and Cycling through Scotland and beyond

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